There are many ways in which you can help me to achieve this journey and the £50,000 total I am aiming to raise for charity. Firstly is the obvious one, donate to the cause, Rays Of Sunshine. You can do this by clicking on the link below or any other link on this website. All I ask is that you please donate through this site rather than going directly to the Rays Of Sunshine website to donate because that way I will not be able to keep a track of how much we have raised.

The second way is to donate to myself through Patreon or Paypal to help me raise money for the equipment I still need to buy for the journey and for running costs along the way such as petrol, food and campsite fees. Obviously hotels will be kept at a minimum as they are more expensive but I may have to stay in them from time to time to gain internet access to upload my videos. Patreon is a way you can support me on a monthly basis by clicking the link below. Should you wish to make a one off payment I would suggest doing this by Paypal as Patreon do take a few percent in administration fees. Every penny helps and anything not used will be donated straight to Rays Of Sunshine once the journey is complete.

PayPal Donation Button

There are many other ways in which you can show your support should you not be in a position to help financially. The cheapest way to get around the entire coast is going to be if I receive kind offers of places to stay along the way. This is going to be essential for me to gain internet access and upload videos. If you cannot help with a bed for the night it may be that you can simply collect my power packs in the morning, charge my batteries through the day and return them at night. Please don't inundate me with offers of places to stay right now. Just follow my journey and see where I am and let me know the week I will be near you if you can help. 

People are quite welcome to join me should they wish but I must warn you that I will be filming everything on this trip so please be prepared to be filmed. So if you want to detect with me or simply  have a chat then you are very welcome. A black coffee with two sugars would always be welcome in the winter months ;-)

I would ask that people don't send me kind gifts that they feel will help me on my journey as I now have almost everything I need apart from the ideal camera. The one I really wanted which I know can cope with the wind is the Canon 70D but at £1000 with microphone that is just too much for me to consider.

Another way you can really help is by sending me information on a certain landmarks, areas, interesting storys anywhere along the British coast for me to share with my viewers in my videos. Ideally these want to be in a PDF file and can be sent to my email address of

Lastly a huge thank you to everybody who helps.

Together we can make many childrens wishes come true.