I was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, England on 21st December 1973. Living in the same area of Yorkshire for most of my life I finally took the decision to move to Germany in 2010. It was an adventure to say the least. I'd given up on a career. I'd given up on most things from what I remember but then I started to find pleasure and happiness in the smallest of things. I was cleaning out the horse boxes of racehorses in the early mornings and struggling to fill my time in the afternoons. I needed a hobby.

Not being able to speak German, although I did give it my best shot, I was limited in what work I could get, where I could go, who I could be friends with and so I needed a hobby I could do alone. I first started watching Youtube and saw metal detecting videos which really interested me. I did have a metal detector when I was a young lad but having never found anything in my only two outings it soon took it's place in a cupboard. Youtube gave me a new interest and so I purchased a metal detector and away I went.

Detecting in a horses paddock on a cold February morning in 2012 with my camera in hand was the start of the new me. I fell in love with the whole hobby and video making from day one. I picked the name Deep Digger Dan and started posting videos of my exploits for the world to see. I never really expected anyone to watch them at first but as I gained in confidence in front of the camera and started to find a few good things I started to get quite a lot of viewers very quickly. 

Before I knew it I was detecting 7 days a week until dark and posting a video of each day as I found guns, bombs, gold and silver coins, WW2 medals and anything else you could possibly imagine. My race horse called Maximool had won the Slovakia Derby and things couldn't have been better. I seemed to develop a comic side which people were interested in, I guess that was an unusual thing to see from a metal detectorist and probably the reason people were watching my Youtube channel.

Unfortunately things didn't work out with her indoors and so I had to move back to England. Since returning I've been very lucky to have been invited to some wonderful places across Europe and more recently America where I have met some amazing people as my love of history and film making grew.

After metal detecting trips to France, Austria, Germany and Scotland I chose to try to spend the winter camping in the Cairngorms of Scotland. I stayed a month, I could have stayed much longer but I was convinced the footage I had wasn't very good and so called it a day. To my surprise the videos from that trip turned out to be a great success and it gave me a taste for more adventures.

After a bit of an indecisive year in 2015 I finally came up with the ultimate challenge, to walk the entire coastline of Great Britain with my detector in hand in aid of charity.

I'm single, have few commitments and thought why not. I'm sure many would dream of having the chance to do it so I wanted to give people the chance to take the trip through my videos.

My Youtube channel has become very successful, my video editing skills have improved immensely and I'm raring to go and take you on my journey of a lifetime through my videos, blog, pictures and finds.