The outline of the challenge is very simple.

Metal detect 365 beaches in 365 days

Make a YouTube video each day

Raise £50,000 for charity

Beginning August 20th 2016 in Bridlington, England

Head south and keep going until I arrive back in Bridlington



However, there is way more to this challenge than just setting off and hoping for the best.

The first major challenge is the planning itself. I will have to dedicate many days researching the trip and trying to overcome any problems before they even become a problem. My fitness for one is something I am going to have to address. Metal detecting may sound easy to someone outside the hobby but it involves walking up to 10 miles each day as you swing around the beach digging holes as you go.  I also need to study my diet and work out a suitable way to get the calories throughout the trip. I expect to be burning 5,000 calories per day which is three times as many as I am used to eating.

Then there is the things I take with me. I'm lucky enough to already have a tent and sleeping bag from my last trip and because I am taking the car and will be sleeping in there for a lot of the journey I have somewhere to store my clothes and essentials through the day. Working out which metal detector to use, sorting out the right camera equipment, clothing and food are just some of the things I need to organise.

Just to make it clear that this isn't a camping trip. Of course I will be spending most of my nights in a tent or the car I'm sure but wherever possible I need to be somewhere with internet access and an energy supply so I can keep uploading videos and stay in contact with everyone. So there will be hotels, theres will be campsites and I'm hoping offers of places to stay along the way from the kind viewers who are living nearby.

I need to work out the best way to keep my camera, phone and laptop charged and how I will get the internet access I need to keep posting videos. Then theres the money I need to raise to get all the equipment I still don't have such as a suitable camera to cope with the strong coastal winds.

I will also have to spend time learning which beaches are safe to walk on and the tide times so that I don't get stranded underneath some cliffs when the tide comes in.

So much to study and learn and conquer even before I take that first step. One thing I do know though, is that where theres a question theres an answer and I won't stop until I've answered them all and returned safely back in Bridlington in a years time with £50,000 raised for Rays Of Sunshine.