Day 20 Sheringham. Roman or Saxon Treasure?

I've really fallen in love with Sheringham. It's a proper seaside resort I've never heard of. The day started with a shock. Everyone was talking about the fire alarm going off in the Youth Hostel through the night and how the building was evacuated. Only problem they had is there was one resident missing at the fire assembly point. They found me snoring in bed. I never even heard the alarm!

Then I was asked in the local museum if I was an adult or an old aged pensioner!!! Ok the lady who asked was about 85 but her colleagues had a giggle when I explained I was asked my age for a beer last week because they weren't sure I was old enough.

Nice little museum, tuna baguette later, it was time to go metal detecting. It was in a field I was kindly invited to by a great guy called Stephen. He took me on his favourite field where I found the above object which we still arent sure what it is but I am quite sure its Roman or Saxon. Steve found a silver hammered coin too so a great day all around.

Back in the car tomorrow night and visiting places unknown. Starting to worry about how or where Im going to get my clothes washed. The car is getting out of control...even after a good clean and sort out this morning.