Day 19 Mundesley Silver Medieval & Roman. GET IN!

What a day! After spending a bit of time on the beach and finding my car parking money with new friend Jake, we headed off to some of his permissions.

The first was a WW2 defence full of trenches and bunkers where I found a few bullets before detecting a drenched canal. Then came the great times. A couple of fields where I finally got chance to test the new Fors Relic Metal Detector with its big coil in a field for the first time.

Roman and medieval was to follow. I'm saying no more on that. You will have to watch the video tomorrow night. 

I decided to change tomorrows plans as Jake told me that Eccles which I was planning on is not a beach you can drive to. So tomorrow Im in Sheringham where I have already seen the beach and know theres a museum waiting. Things are looking great. My car is looking like a shameful pit. Hopefully I can sort it out tomorrow.