Day 18 Cromer The Best Lifeguard In The World

Another of them bad days as I fell behind on my editing and blog posts last night which means I had two days to do today. On top of that I was exhausted so tried to take it a little easier today. I arrived at Cromer at 9am and was immediately loving its quaint little streets. The tides just aren't in my favour right now so I took a trip to Cromer museum before taking a look at the R.N.L.I. museum which was dedicated and even named after the chap you see above who is the most decorated lifeguard in world history, saving 877 lives at sea with his crew.

Then I dragged myself to the beach to detect but it was a muggy, sticky day at 25 degrees and I just wasn't comfortable. I gave it a hour or two but it became clear that it was going to be a really hard beach to detect. It was highly mineralised and every stone was giving off some kind of crazy signal on the metal detector. Then when trying to dig I was just hitting rocks every time.

I gave it up as a bad job and decided to go home and catch up on my work and get an early night as I have a big day tomorrow.