Day 16 Brancaster Great Day Detecting With A 3 Year Old

What a wonderful day! I spent from 6am-12noon uploading videos and updating my blog after the disaster of having no internet yesterday. It was about 12:30 before I reached the beach and I thought I was going to be playing catch up again until I had a delightful surprise.

A wonderful family had been waiting for me on the beach and I'm so pleased they caught up with me. Young Remi, aged 3, followed me everywhere and I had more fun listening to him and watching his facial expressions than at anytime on this trip. He was a pure delight and really made today special. 

Then I visited a church with a very special font inside dated before 1066 before getting finished at a reasonable time, catching up and finally relaxing knowing I'm fully caught up and can look forward to tomorrow completely refreshed. 

I am loving Norfolk, the hospitality and the kindness of everybody here. Bring on tomorrow!