Day 15 Hunstanton Today I Met The Mayor!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 07.20.12.png

Today was far more like it as I entered Hunstanton, my favourite place along the journey so far. Lots of history to talk about and a beautiful little place. Most seaside places are too commercialised but this added the odd gift shop and amusements arcade without going over the top.

I was fascinated by the cliffs which are said to be full of fossils, and the story of St Edmund who landed on this beach in 855AD. I then took a walk where I met the mayor and saw a military show going on. The above photo is me next to a Howitzer!

Finally I hit the beach and did some detecting with a guy called Paul Dix which was a funny name because I know another Paul Dix, the brother of Mark who let me stay in his caravan recently. Paul found much more than me and kindly donated his coins he found to the cause.

Then panic set in. I couldn't get any internet signal anywhere to upload the next video. I tried everywhere but with no luck. So no video posted on Saturday means there will be two on Sunday instead as I've finally managed to get a weak signal this morning.