Day 31 Where On Earth Have I Been?

Well it's been a crazy few days of various little problems all building up and setting me behind on my videos and blogs. The main problem being I lost my dongle. Complete disaster which almost cost me losing this challenge today as I had to travel to my nearest phone shop in Colchester to get a new one. 

So after a very quick 1 hour dig this morning and finding a lovely old Swedish coin on the beach unexpectedly, I headed to Colchester. It took about three hours to sort the dongle out with many people queueing and having to change contracts etc but I finally left with a new dongle with no up front charge and paying less a month than I currently do. Bonus!

I t was a rush to the castle to see if I could fit in their museum for the video. I'm so pleased I went because their collection of Roman things was out of this world. All to be seen in the next video. I may have missed a couple of blog days but at least not the videos.

So all minor hickups out of the way, first month complete. Smashed phone and lost dongle could have been a broken arm and leg so onwards and upwards. Bring on tomorrow and the hole that is Clacton-On-Sea. (Sorry but it really isn't a nice place).