Day 28 Felixtowe North: Lost £50!!!

Woke up feeling a little better but still not great. After I finally managed to drag Luke out of the bed I dragged him to the beach. Luke was so happy to be detecting with Deep Digger Dan LOL. Top guy, I just wish I'd felt a little better to give him the visit he deserved. 

We detected for a while before the rain came. It was red hot yesterday and today is like winter. I couldn't find any cheap youth hostel today so had to spend a little more to get the cheapest hotel which I booked when I woke up this morning. I was gutted when I realised I'd booked a hotel in Folkestone instead of Felixstowe and still had to pay for it because I didn't cancel it in time. 

I did finally pick the right town and get a hotel which I couldn't really afford but it is lovely and gives me a good chance to recover and get an early night. I really need to start feeling good again and bring the fun back in to the trip instead of it feeling like hard work. 


Don't worry....I'm good....just need this rest :-)