Day 27 Aldeburgh: I'm Not Well...Where Is Luke?!

Really not well this morning. I really feel exhausted. I had to drag myself to the beach. I woke up to a young lad in the Youth Hostel accusing me of stealing his watch, which the girl running the place later found whilst cleaning LOL. 

I got down to the beach but really felt light headed. This wasn't alcohol related, this was purely exhaustion. I had a lad called Luke looking for me and he had drove 3 hours and a long way to meet me but neither of us had a signal on our phones to communicate so couldn't arrange anything. 

Luckily I'd visited a castle yesterday which I can add to todays video so I just had to detect the beach and concentrate on recovering. I got to my youth hostel and was trying to upload a video but the internet connection was bad so I'll have to wait until the morning. Luke arrived at the hostel and showered me in gifts. Scary to look at because he resembled a white Mike Tyson but one of the nicest and kindest guys you could meet. 

Luke booked into the hostel so he could detect with me tomorrow. Luke doesn't really drink and I had to make sure he got to bed ok after just 3 drinks because he wasn't feeling great. Hopefully I can get better internet tomorrow and upload my videos and fingers crossed.....feel better!