Day 26 Dunwich Too Hot!

Way too hot today. Even at 8am it had hit the 20's. which is way more than I'm used to. Great start to the day though. I was looking to see if I could afford somewhere other than the car to stay tonight and found a youth hostel for just £13 a night. On top of that I realised that if I became a Youth Hostel member for just £15 I would save £3 at every hostel. That reduced my next two nights to just £10 a night and I'll get that money back in no time. Get In!

Went to Dunwich beach with high expectations as the place is steeped in history but it was all pebbles and VERY few signals. Had a great visit and chat from Tony and Cheryl from California before giving up on the digging for the day and heading to the museum and a castle. It was just too hot to do anything else and although I had a shower before I set off this morning, I could smell the sweat myself. Theres a washing machine at the youth hostel and I will definately be using it.

The museum was ok but the village trail map I got for £1 was better. A 2 hour walk around the sites I would have missed otherwise made up for it and I was back on track.

I managed to fit in a castle too which I'll probably throw in to tomorrows video to give me the afternoon off to wash my clothes. Castle looked great but its lack of exciting stories left me moaning in the video. It was just walls and stones and didn't excite me.

The beaches have to get better soon because the digging of the coast just ain't good enough to keep me on them for more than a few hours. We need history and treasure people!!