Day 25 Kessingland. Lets Get Back To Basics

What a terrible beach. Pebbles covered the entire beach which was full of nothing but aluminium junk. I only stayed about 90 minutes before deciding I was wasting my time so decided to head back to the museum which I missed yesterday. Steve came with me and it's always nice to have a local around to give you pieces of history about the place that you wouldn't know otherwise.

It was a great museum. Small but packed with all my favourite kinds of things. Unfortunately photography wasn't allowed in I ignored the signs and photographed anyway. Theres no way I could leave without getting something for my video. 

I was feeling like I'd let myself down this last few days by having too much fun and not dedicating enough time to filming but after thinking about it, you really have to unwind somehow when you don't get a day off in a year. I decided I was being too hard on myself but made it my aim to make sure I get back to basics tomorrow and get some quality videos out there...and I will.

Today was tiring and it finally hit me at about 4pm. Luckily after a couple of hours sleep I felt good again and managed to get all my editing up to date and recharge all my power packs and batteries ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I can feel it in my bones.