Day 24 Lowestoft. The Nicest Beach I Have Seen

I had no idea what to expect here. I'd never heard of the place and wasn't expecting much but this was the nicest beach I have visited so far. A hot day to go with it made the perfect setting for a good day. Unfortunately the finds didn't live up to the place.

I was met by Steve, another Youtuber and detectorist who joined me for the day. We gave it a few hours but with little look before being joined by Owen who has a terminally ill child who Rays Of Sunshine have actually helped. After a quick drink I was heading to the museum with Steve until we realised it was closing in 30 minutes so had to cancel that plan and decided to let our hair down and enjoy a few drinks instead and go live on Facebook.

I regret that. Drink and Facebook don't mix. Everyone seemed to like our funny live video but live never seems to work for me. I prefer to be able to edit my mistakes out first lol.

ll in all it was a good day in a great place with good company but the tiredness is starting to kick in. I think that's down to todays heat as much as anything.