Day 23 Great Yarmouth Making Friends

I was amazed at how many people joined me today. A gang of us started at the beach quite early in the cold mist and between five metal detectors and 8 people we could only manage a few pounds and lots of junk between us. It was great meeting so many people though. 

Heading to the museum 4 of the craziest guys you have ever seen came running at me as if they were witnessing Madonna in town. I was overwhelmed and random passers by were all staring wondering who I was after causing such a stir. 

A few hoards later in the Time & Tide museum which had a really amazing section which interested me but the rest was a little yawny, I headed off to meet up with the 4 crazy guys. They were such fun. I'd say the day was all about meeting new people and making new friends. That's probably been the highlight of this trip so far. The amount of great people I am meeting along the way has been amazing. Although Great Yarmouth wasn't a great place to metal detect, it certainly produced a lot of great people.