Day 22 Caister-On-Sea Disaster!

Days can't be much worse than this for the trip. Don't get me wrong, the day started well. I went to Caister beach where I was to meet a guy called Andy for a detecting session. As I pulled into the car park a lovely guy called Bob, who had offered me a bed for the night at his mothers, showered me with some amazing gifts. Firstly free tickets to the museum which I was going to use tomorrow, an amazing WW2 German dagger which was taken off a German soldier during the D Day landing, and a home made metal detector. Bob was a welder and him and his colleagues had actually welded a detector together with great detail which I will show in a future video.

We detected the beach where I found over £6 which was a good day for me. Then it all went wrong. I dropped my phone which I'd been filming on and cracked the screen on the gravel car park. After a few flashes the phone died and I soon realised how serious that was. It was my 2nd camera, my G.P.S., my time, my internet banking, my only contact with my mother. Sometimes you don't realise how important something is until you lose it.

After a few hours of panic I decided the only option was to go get a new phone. So problem solved even if my monthly bills have gone up even more and I'd lost the days video footage. 

I had a good night in Great Yarmouth meeting more viewers and having a good laugh before retiring to my car for the night...the coldest night so far. Bring on tomorrow and a better day.