Day 21 Winterton-On-Sea Treasure On The Beach!

My favourite beach so far! Not only because I finally found a silver ring but it was just an all round great beach. I got there at 8am but the car park didnt open until close to 9am so I ended up getting a breakfast in the cafe before I finally got started at about 9:40am. There was a bit of an eerie feeling amongst everyone as there was a dead seal on the beach which nobody wanted to approach.

About 50% of the targets I dug up today turned out to be good which is a far cry from the last 20 days. A silver ring just topped it off really. I headed down the coast to Great Yarmouth where I planned on having a bit of time off to unwind when I met up with Andy who runs I stuffed him at crazy golf, had a couple of beers and headed off to try get some rest for an early start.

The problem is, it is 5am and I've been awake 2 hours. I woke too soon. Maybe I can try get another hour before hitting Caister beach.