16 Days To Go!

After a very successful charity auction it has been time to push ahead and get myself ready for the trip. I recently explained in a video that I was starting to have doubts about whether I would be able to complete this trip on my current finances as it would involve having to buy extra gear to cope with carrying everything with me and fees for campsites. The vote was to chose whether I should continue with my plans to walk the coast or take the car which I could use to store all my clothes and food whilst having a vehicle to sleep in through the night. 57% chose to take the car so the entire trip has been re planned and I will now be aiming to make 365 videos and detect 365 beaches in 365 days following the same route all around Great Britain. I have to be honest and say this is somewhat of a relief as I know I will always have shelter.

I was thinking the challenge doesn't sound as big a deal anymore but then I got to thinking. How many people upload a video 365 days running? How many people sleep in a car for 365 nights? How many people walk up to 10 miles a day as they're metal detecting the cold breezy British beaches 365 days on the trot? It is still going to be a huge challenge and I'm now very excited to go.

I must thank everybody who kindly donated to help me raise money for all the equipment I need for the journey, I am overwhelmed by your support. I now have everything I need apart from a good camera but the ideal camera is £1000 with the microphone and is just not going to happen so I will make do with what I've got. 

I have also received a hugely kind loan of a drone from Forrest in America which is going to add some amazing views for the videos so a huge thank you for that.

16 days to go and I have almost got everything in the Danavan sorted out and packed. Everything is on schedule and I still plan to set off on August 20th in Bridlington.

Exciting times just around the corner :-)