Day 12 Skegness Money! Money! Money!

A wonderful day today after a pretty disasterous one yesterday. I hadn't even left my car in the car park before Damien (the guy in the green shirt) pulled up next to me to say hello. He agreed to do a bit of detecting with me and the coins just kept rolling in. We were soon joined by Alex and Damiens son and the coins just kept coming. 

There was one point where Damien found a patch containing about 50 two pence pieces so we were starting to wonder if someone had thrown them there knowing I was due today. Either way, we ended the day with pockets full of money. Damien donated all his finds and Alex donated £10 which was really nice of them. 

We were on the hunt for a gold ring that had been lost a day or two earlier but after a few hours of trying that area of beach we gave up on treasure for one day. If I had to be picky and pick a downside to the day it would be that every single find I had was either junk or money. Nothing super exciting or unusual for me to get my teeth into.

Overall, a great day and I made some wonderful friends along the way. Tomorrow we leave the caravan I've been staying in as early as possible and head down to the Boston area. I have no idea what to expect there, where I'm detecting, if there is even an area suitable to detect or if I'll be sleeping in the car tomorrow night. One thing is for sure.....the adventure continues :-)