Day 11 Skegness Hot And Bothered.

We moan when it's cold. We moan when it's hot. Today was HOT! This was the first day I felt like I wanted a day off. Woke up very tired and with a terrible stomach from eating a curry last night. I managed to drag myself to the beach for about 7:30am and put about 4 hours in before the heat and tiredness just got to me. It was a nice little detecting session but I knew if I didn't sort myself out today I'd be even worse tomorrow. 

Took myself home, edited the video and headed out for proper food. Got a mixed grill and waded my way through half of it before dragging myself home, drinking a litre of strawberry milkshake and sat on the caravan balcony topless (which is unheard of for me)! 

Proud that I've done the right thing though and excited for tomorrow. Time for a shower and a VERY early night (about 7pm). Catch you all tomorrow people, all bright eyed and bushy tailed :-)

Don't miss tonights video from yesterday. There was a lot of fun in the fair worth watching where I won 2 goldfish that I didn't want.