Day 9 Chapel St Leonards. The Early Worm Catches A Cold

So sleep wasn't great last night. A night of really stormy weather and the untidiest car in the world kept me awake. I was just sat waiting for sun up so I could get metal detecting. I started at 6am and went through until about lunch before all my camera batteries were flat. I only spent two hours at the Sandilands beach because it was rubbish. It wasn't even sandy. the beach is made up of some kind of fine grit or gravel.

As I was leaving to move down the coast a few miles Dave the shop keeper turned up. Remember Dave? The guy who donated £20 yesterday? He joined me for a few hours at Chapel St Leonards which was a nice little beach. I met Gav who showed me pictures of his finds and had a woman shouting down to me from her balcony for which her husband apologised for on Twitter later on LOL. We are in the heart of my childhood holidays now. 

Then I headed to my friends caravan where he has said I can stay for a few days. This might even be the same caravan site that I spent my childhood holidays.  I've got everything recharged, went and bought some food for the next 48 hours and I just had a 5 hour early evening sleep. Im going to be raring to go in the morning. Luxuries like this can really perk you up again. Having said that I do feel like I'm a bit chesty, maybe getting my clothes damp in the rain last night gave me a bit of a chill.

No photos today. I used all my camera battery on metal detecting so I'll try and make up for that tomorrow. Tomorrow being Bank Holiday Monday....the one day of the year when holiday makers flock to Skegness to drop their money. Tuesday I will be vacuuming it all up!