Day 8 Mablethorpe First Night In The Car

Sat in the car editing this isn't the most comfortable thing I've ever done. Poor internet, dodgy car park and no slippers ain't my idea of ideal but I had to start doing this sometime. I had a great  day here in lovely Mablethorpe. It's a really nice small seaside resort which has everything you could possibly need. I got here at 8:30am and spent a few hours on the beach and finally found a few coins so that felt like a result. Then the rain came so I spent most of the afternoon looking around the shops, getting some fish and chips and going to collect a donation from a guy called Dave who asked me to pop into his dvd & game shop. Lovely guy. 

It was nice feeling that I'd got everything I could into the day and didn't waste it like yesterday. I had a power nap in the car before the thunder & lightening came. Damn it was heavy rain! I grabbed a chinese takeaway and settled into my car. The rains stopped but I don't feel too comfortable in the back of this car park. Some odd people hanging around. I think it might be used by the local prostitutes the way the cars are coming and going lol. Each to their own, as long as they leave me be I'm happy. 

I'm on the doorstep of where I'm detecting tomorrow so with me sleeping in the car I'm hoping to wake up early and be detecting by dawn.

All in all.....a successful day.