Day 7 Cleethorpes Stick In The Mud

Today felt like a failure. Just 2 hours sleep and got up at 4am raring to go which was always going to catch up on me later on in the day. 

I started the day on Paull foreshore in Hull for a hour but soon realised it was too muddy. I was ruining my clothes and washing clothes isn't an easy task on this trip so I cancelled that idea after finding my first fossil of the trip which was a beauty. Then I headed to Cleethorpes.

I was still there before 9am and got a great parking spot. A guy called Alex came to donate £10 to the cause and after one hour of getting no signals and being joined by two other guys we all went for a coffee. I had a lovely full English breakfast before giving the beach another try but by now the tide was in and what little beach was left was crammed with people on what turned out to be a lovely sunny day.

I stopped to take a picture of the smallest pub in the world where I met another viewer before heading 3 miles down the coast to have another go at detecting but by now my body just wanted rest so I called it a day thinking it best to get a good sleep and be bright eyed and ready for another early start tomorrow.

I learned that it's a bank holiday weekend so I'm not looking forward to the popular beaches ahead over the next few days with all the holiday crowds around. I can't wait until the kids are back at school and I get my beaches back. Speaking of kids, it was my lovely daughter Layas birthday today :-)