Day 6 Kilnsea The Nuclear Bunker

Day 6 Kilnsea Nuclear Bunker


Well the end of today sucked. No internet! AAARRGGHHH!!! 

I finally left my caravan not to return for a year. It was a sad and tiring day but lots of excitement starting to build up inside me as I head off into the unknown.  just for tonight I have my mothers caravan to sleep at before I start sleeping in the car or wherever I can afford but it’s one of the last places in England to still not have the internet! Luckily I had last nights video loaded so I haven’t missed a day.

So I headed down to Kilnsea beach to a lovely surprise, a pair of seals just off shore watching my every move. I wish I’d have gotten a stronger camera lens now because I just couldn’t get close enough in on them. After being puzzled at what the WW2 battery/bunker was on the beach and finding nothing exciting I decided to head to a nearby nuclear bunker called R.A.F. Holmpton.

£8 entry. I wanted to enjoy it but I just couldn’t get excited over a cold war that never happened. It was just rooms of old computers, telephones and buttons. Many yawns later and after the manager asked me to send him a link to the video, I decided I’d best not….he won’t like my review! 

Great day though. Still very happy and really looking forward to crossing the River Humber tomorrow and finding some proper treasure.