Day 5 Withernsea Thought I'd Broken My Camera!

I never expected today to turn out as it did. I went to Withernsea for the first time and loved the place. Chatted with friendly locals on the beach and after finding nothing as per usual I was pleased to make some new friends today who came to see me. Darren & Kyle took me away from the sand and into a field for the first time on this journey where I finally found my first coins of the trip.

It made a lovely change and all went well until I got home to find my camera wasn't working. After three hours of being incredibly frustrated and sad I finally found out what the problem was. The take a picture button was stuck halfway in. I guess it had a grain of sand in there which was holding it shut. Anyway, nightmare over. Yes it put me 3 hours behind which means another late night I could have done without but tomorrows another day.

I was astounded when editing the video to find that £392 had been donated in the last 24 hours. We are almost at £2,000 and only 5 days into the trip. My views are up too. Things couldn't have started any better than this week.