Day 4 Mappleton Boom Beach!!

What a day! A hot sunny day took me to Mappleton as I go further from home each day. Only one or two more nights and I'll have to leave the Caravan for good and find out what it's like living out of a car. 

The tide was in when I arrived which is becoming more and more of a problem each day as the low tides drift further away from my arrival times. I visited the local church before heading south on the beach towards an old military bombing range 3 miles away. Again the detector found bugger all but I didn't mind that because I knew great things were ahead. Dozens of bombs were waiting and a great video was made. I finally found the old Deep Digger Dan today and managed some great comedy sketches which I've struggled to find inspiration for lately. 

I arrived home late and was exhausted only to have 5 hours on the laptop ahead of me. I finally finished editing the video only to find it was almost 30 minutes long but there were so many clips that I just didn't want to leave out. I guess the viewers will be the judge when it's posted tomorrow night but I'm happy with the results.

I found out later on Facebook that two viewers had gone to the beach to meet me today but missed me as I'd walked 3 miles south. Shame really after they'd gone to all that effort. 

Anyway, I really must sleep. A big day ahead tomorrow with a local newspaper saying they're coming along for some pictures for an article they're putting together. I hope I can carry on feeling confident that I've made a good video. The last two days sucked but I think I've got my mojo back now and am really enjoying this busy time. I love working as long as it's for the right reasons and I'm enjoying myself. Long may it continue. 

Tomorrow.....bring it on!