Day 3 Hornsea The Museum & Digging A Rainy Day

Setting off in heavy rain I wasn't looking forward to getting wet through today. I made a great choice by visiting Hornsea museum whilst the weather improved. I wasn't expecting anything much in such a small town but it was full of really interesting things which I will show you in the video. It was all done out in Victorian style and oddments. I never thought I'd get excited at seeing some of the very first vacuum cleaners or telephones. Anyway, well worth the £3.50 to get in and the man there was more than happy for me to film.

Then on to the beach. The weather improved enough for me to detect using my new camera and as interesting as the beach looked, it was full of junk. Not even exciting junk. The same old molten metal rubbish that covers the whole of this part of the coastline. I can't wait to reach the Humber River and start getting real finds. 

I'm still sleeping at the Caravan for another night or two so it was great to get home to a big bowl of chilli made by my cousin and find Shallow Shoveller Shane vacuuming my carpets before they went and washed my clothes ha ha ha! They're so good to me :-)

By the way, the picture at the top is showing the moment my heart sank when I realised the gold ring I thought I'd found was nothing more than a round piece of copper scrap.

Tomorrow I hope to return to Boom Beach to find you some bombs. Now that will be interesting!