Day 2 Skipsea Castle & The Vanishing Cliffs

Well that was a tough day to say the least. It was 2:30am before I finished editing and bloging etc after day 1 and probably after 4 when I finally got to sleep only to get up again today at 6am. So with just 2 hours sleep under my belt, Shallow Shoveller Shane and myself headed off to beach number two, Skipsea.

We stopped on the way to do some filming at Skipsea castle. Theres nothing there now apart from a great big hill and the outline of the moat but the story behind the castles history is quite amazing which I will explain in tomorrow nights video at 6pm. 

Then we took a short trip to the nearby church which turned out to be dated 1090AD which made it one hell of an old church. After driving around for almost an hour trying to find somewhere to park near the coast we finally settled on a spot just north of Skipsea and headed off in bright sunshine to look for treasure. 

There was only one problem today.....we couldn't find anything! Just scraps of junk all over the place. We called it a day early so I could try and catch up on some sleep this evening so I can be fresh again in the morning. Its looking like I can get to sleep by midnight today so I should be raring to go tomorrow. It's going to take up to a week for me to find the right routine that works.

This first 2 days have been slightly different because I've had Shane with me and family staying with me at the caravan but tomorrow I'm alone so can set off earlier and in just 2 days I will be leaving the Danavan for a full year. That's when the true adventure begins.

So not the best day but looking forward to the next. :-)