Day 1 Bridlington Gales With Shallow Shoveler Shane

So away we go on the first day of my around Britain year long trip. The day started great with 2 kind donations made to the charity before we arrived there this morning. I say we because I was joined by my cousins husband (what does that make him to me? Cousin in law? We had a very very fun day to say the least. The weather was unbearable though with gale force winds gusting up to what I would guess was 70mph making conditions close to impossible for detecting on the beach. 

We began by getting the scenery shots in, taking in a museum and me running through some local history ready for the video. After a burger we finally reached the beach and gave it everything we had but simply couldn't cope in the winds so there was nothing found apart from a £1 coin and a dummy with a moustache (you have to watch tomorrow nights video to find out what thats all about). We were exhausted at the end of the day but I couldn't rest. For the first 3 days of this trip I can drive back to my caravan to sleep as I'll only be up to 30 miles away which is lucky because I really needed the peace and quiet of my room to edit the video tonight. 

I was amazed at how well the new camera coped in the windy conditions. You hear zero wind throughout so thats proven to be a great investment if I can just learn how to get the settings right so that the picture is as good as the sound. 

Ive had the last of my parcels delivered too which include a new way to hold my camera with a camera harness, two new lenses and a rucksack. 

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into tomorrow. Shanes coming along again and I just know the new lenses are going to make a massive difference. 

Tomorrow is going to be sunny but still quite windy. I just hope not as windy as today as we head to Skipsea. You can see the video of todays fun in the wind tomorrow (Sunday) at 6pm and then a daily video at 6pm for a year!


Bridlington harbour with a WW2 mine that has been turned into a charity box.

Bridlington harbour with a WW2 mine that has been turned into a charity box.