Day 65 Hastings

Well I'm sure you aware that I haven't kept up to this blog. I've tried blogs many times and failed to maintain them. I'll try to get back on track and start doing it daily again but no promises. It's just extra work in the day which I really don't need but as I'm sat at a loose end right now I have time today.

Why a loose end? I'm having internet problems. Where I am staying has as much coverage as a Mars rover so I couldn't upload last night. I'm sat in the car waiting for it to upload before I can crack on with the day. I don't think I'll be getting any detecting in today because of this but I will get to a museum or two at the very least and hopefully take you to the site of the Battle Of Hastings.

Yesterday was great fun. I fancied looking for fossils again and think I might just have found some dinosaur footprints along the way. The weather is glorious right now so I'm going to make the most of it. You guys take care and I'll catch you later....hopefully with the fossil video if it eventually loads. :-)

Day 31 Where On Earth Have I Been?

Well it's been a crazy few days of various little problems all building up and setting me behind on my videos and blogs. The main problem being I lost my dongle. Complete disaster which almost cost me losing this challenge today as I had to travel to my nearest phone shop in Colchester to get a new one. 

So after a very quick 1 hour dig this morning and finding a lovely old Swedish coin on the beach unexpectedly, I headed to Colchester. It took about three hours to sort the dongle out with many people queueing and having to change contracts etc but I finally left with a new dongle with no up front charge and paying less a month than I currently do. Bonus!

I t was a rush to the castle to see if I could fit in their museum for the video. I'm so pleased I went because their collection of Roman things was out of this world. All to be seen in the next video. I may have missed a couple of blog days but at least not the videos.

So all minor hickups out of the way, first month complete. Smashed phone and lost dongle could have been a broken arm and leg so onwards and upwards. Bring on tomorrow and the hole that is Clacton-On-Sea. (Sorry but it really isn't a nice place).

Day 28 Felixtowe North: Lost £50!!!

Woke up feeling a little better but still not great. After I finally managed to drag Luke out of the bed I dragged him to the beach. Luke was so happy to be detecting with Deep Digger Dan LOL. Top guy, I just wish I'd felt a little better to give him the visit he deserved. 

We detected for a while before the rain came. It was red hot yesterday and today is like winter. I couldn't find any cheap youth hostel today so had to spend a little more to get the cheapest hotel which I booked when I woke up this morning. I was gutted when I realised I'd booked a hotel in Folkestone instead of Felixstowe and still had to pay for it because I didn't cancel it in time. 

I did finally pick the right town and get a hotel which I couldn't really afford but it is lovely and gives me a good chance to recover and get an early night. I really need to start feeling good again and bring the fun back in to the trip instead of it feeling like hard work. 


Don't worry....I'm good....just need this rest :-)

Day 27 Aldeburgh: I'm Not Well...Where Is Luke?!

Really not well this morning. I really feel exhausted. I had to drag myself to the beach. I woke up to a young lad in the Youth Hostel accusing me of stealing his watch, which the girl running the place later found whilst cleaning LOL. 

I got down to the beach but really felt light headed. This wasn't alcohol related, this was purely exhaustion. I had a lad called Luke looking for me and he had drove 3 hours and a long way to meet me but neither of us had a signal on our phones to communicate so couldn't arrange anything. 

Luckily I'd visited a castle yesterday which I can add to todays video so I just had to detect the beach and concentrate on recovering. I got to my youth hostel and was trying to upload a video but the internet connection was bad so I'll have to wait until the morning. Luke arrived at the hostel and showered me in gifts. Scary to look at because he resembled a white Mike Tyson but one of the nicest and kindest guys you could meet. 

Luke booked into the hostel so he could detect with me tomorrow. Luke doesn't really drink and I had to make sure he got to bed ok after just 3 drinks because he wasn't feeling great. Hopefully I can get better internet tomorrow and upload my videos and fingers crossed.....feel better!

Day 26 Dunwich Too Hot!

Way too hot today. Even at 8am it had hit the 20's. which is way more than I'm used to. Great start to the day though. I was looking to see if I could afford somewhere other than the car to stay tonight and found a youth hostel for just £13 a night. On top of that I realised that if I became a Youth Hostel member for just £15 I would save £3 at every hostel. That reduced my next two nights to just £10 a night and I'll get that money back in no time. Get In!

Went to Dunwich beach with high expectations as the place is steeped in history but it was all pebbles and VERY few signals. Had a great visit and chat from Tony and Cheryl from California before giving up on the digging for the day and heading to the museum and a castle. It was just too hot to do anything else and although I had a shower before I set off this morning, I could smell the sweat myself. Theres a washing machine at the youth hostel and I will definately be using it.

The museum was ok but the village trail map I got for £1 was better. A 2 hour walk around the sites I would have missed otherwise made up for it and I was back on track.

I managed to fit in a castle too which I'll probably throw in to tomorrows video to give me the afternoon off to wash my clothes. Castle looked great but its lack of exciting stories left me moaning in the video. It was just walls and stones and didn't excite me.

The beaches have to get better soon because the digging of the coast just ain't good enough to keep me on them for more than a few hours. We need history and treasure people!!

Day 25 Kessingland. Lets Get Back To Basics

What a terrible beach. Pebbles covered the entire beach which was full of nothing but aluminium junk. I only stayed about 90 minutes before deciding I was wasting my time so decided to head back to the museum which I missed yesterday. Steve came with me and it's always nice to have a local around to give you pieces of history about the place that you wouldn't know otherwise.

It was a great museum. Small but packed with all my favourite kinds of things. Unfortunately photography wasn't allowed in I ignored the signs and photographed anyway. Theres no way I could leave without getting something for my video. 

I was feeling like I'd let myself down this last few days by having too much fun and not dedicating enough time to filming but after thinking about it, you really have to unwind somehow when you don't get a day off in a year. I decided I was being too hard on myself but made it my aim to make sure I get back to basics tomorrow and get some quality videos out there...and I will.

Today was tiring and it finally hit me at about 4pm. Luckily after a couple of hours sleep I felt good again and managed to get all my editing up to date and recharge all my power packs and batteries ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I can feel it in my bones.

Day 24 Lowestoft. The Nicest Beach I Have Seen

I had no idea what to expect here. I'd never heard of the place and wasn't expecting much but this was the nicest beach I have visited so far. A hot day to go with it made the perfect setting for a good day. Unfortunately the finds didn't live up to the place.

I was met by Steve, another Youtuber and detectorist who joined me for the day. We gave it a few hours but with little look before being joined by Owen who has a terminally ill child who Rays Of Sunshine have actually helped. After a quick drink I was heading to the museum with Steve until we realised it was closing in 30 minutes so had to cancel that plan and decided to let our hair down and enjoy a few drinks instead and go live on Facebook.

I regret that. Drink and Facebook don't mix. Everyone seemed to like our funny live video but live never seems to work for me. I prefer to be able to edit my mistakes out first lol.

ll in all it was a good day in a great place with good company but the tiredness is starting to kick in. I think that's down to todays heat as much as anything.

Day 23 Great Yarmouth Making Friends

I was amazed at how many people joined me today. A gang of us started at the beach quite early in the cold mist and between five metal detectors and 8 people we could only manage a few pounds and lots of junk between us. It was great meeting so many people though. 

Heading to the museum 4 of the craziest guys you have ever seen came running at me as if they were witnessing Madonna in town. I was overwhelmed and random passers by were all staring wondering who I was after causing such a stir. 

A few hoards later in the Time & Tide museum which had a really amazing section which interested me but the rest was a little yawny, I headed off to meet up with the 4 crazy guys. They were such fun. I'd say the day was all about meeting new people and making new friends. That's probably been the highlight of this trip so far. The amount of great people I am meeting along the way has been amazing. Although Great Yarmouth wasn't a great place to metal detect, it certainly produced a lot of great people.

Day 22 Caister-On-Sea Disaster!

Days can't be much worse than this for the trip. Don't get me wrong, the day started well. I went to Caister beach where I was to meet a guy called Andy for a detecting session. As I pulled into the car park a lovely guy called Bob, who had offered me a bed for the night at his mothers, showered me with some amazing gifts. Firstly free tickets to the museum which I was going to use tomorrow, an amazing WW2 German dagger which was taken off a German soldier during the D Day landing, and a home made metal detector. Bob was a welder and him and his colleagues had actually welded a detector together with great detail which I will show in a future video.

We detected the beach where I found over £6 which was a good day for me. Then it all went wrong. I dropped my phone which I'd been filming on and cracked the screen on the gravel car park. After a few flashes the phone died and I soon realised how serious that was. It was my 2nd camera, my G.P.S., my time, my internet banking, my only contact with my mother. Sometimes you don't realise how important something is until you lose it.

After a few hours of panic I decided the only option was to go get a new phone. So problem solved even if my monthly bills have gone up even more and I'd lost the days video footage. 

I had a good night in Great Yarmouth meeting more viewers and having a good laugh before retiring to my car for the night...the coldest night so far. Bring on tomorrow and a better day.

Day 21 Winterton-On-Sea Treasure On The Beach!

My favourite beach so far! Not only because I finally found a silver ring but it was just an all round great beach. I got there at 8am but the car park didnt open until close to 9am so I ended up getting a breakfast in the cafe before I finally got started at about 9:40am. There was a bit of an eerie feeling amongst everyone as there was a dead seal on the beach which nobody wanted to approach.

About 50% of the targets I dug up today turned out to be good which is a far cry from the last 20 days. A silver ring just topped it off really. I headed down the coast to Great Yarmouth where I planned on having a bit of time off to unwind when I met up with Andy who runs I stuffed him at crazy golf, had a couple of beers and headed off to try get some rest for an early start.

The problem is, it is 5am and I've been awake 2 hours. I woke too soon. Maybe I can try get another hour before hitting Caister beach.

Day 20 Sheringham. Roman or Saxon Treasure?

I've really fallen in love with Sheringham. It's a proper seaside resort I've never heard of. The day started with a shock. Everyone was talking about the fire alarm going off in the Youth Hostel through the night and how the building was evacuated. Only problem they had is there was one resident missing at the fire assembly point. They found me snoring in bed. I never even heard the alarm!

Then I was asked in the local museum if I was an adult or an old aged pensioner!!! Ok the lady who asked was about 85 but her colleagues had a giggle when I explained I was asked my age for a beer last week because they weren't sure I was old enough.

Nice little museum, tuna baguette later, it was time to go metal detecting. It was in a field I was kindly invited to by a great guy called Stephen. He took me on his favourite field where I found the above object which we still arent sure what it is but I am quite sure its Roman or Saxon. Steve found a silver hammered coin too so a great day all around.

Back in the car tomorrow night and visiting places unknown. Starting to worry about how or where Im going to get my clothes washed. The car is getting out of control...even after a good clean and sort out this morning.

Day 19 Mundesley Silver Medieval & Roman. GET IN!

What a day! After spending a bit of time on the beach and finding my car parking money with new friend Jake, we headed off to some of his permissions.

The first was a WW2 defence full of trenches and bunkers where I found a few bullets before detecting a drenched canal. Then came the great times. A couple of fields where I finally got chance to test the new Fors Relic Metal Detector with its big coil in a field for the first time.

Roman and medieval was to follow. I'm saying no more on that. You will have to watch the video tomorrow night. 

I decided to change tomorrows plans as Jake told me that Eccles which I was planning on is not a beach you can drive to. So tomorrow Im in Sheringham where I have already seen the beach and know theres a museum waiting. Things are looking great. My car is looking like a shameful pit. Hopefully I can sort it out tomorrow.


Day 18 Cromer The Best Lifeguard In The World

Another of them bad days as I fell behind on my editing and blog posts last night which means I had two days to do today. On top of that I was exhausted so tried to take it a little easier today. I arrived at Cromer at 9am and was immediately loving its quaint little streets. The tides just aren't in my favour right now so I took a trip to Cromer museum before taking a look at the R.N.L.I. museum which was dedicated and even named after the chap you see above who is the most decorated lifeguard in world history, saving 877 lives at sea with his crew.

Then I dragged myself to the beach to detect but it was a muggy, sticky day at 25 degrees and I just wasn't comfortable. I gave it a hour or two but it became clear that it was going to be a really hard beach to detect. It was highly mineralised and every stone was giving off some kind of crazy signal on the metal detector. Then when trying to dig I was just hitting rocks every time.

I gave it up as a bad job and decided to go home and catch up on my work and get an early night as I have a big day tomorrow.

Day 17 Weybourne Tanks Galore!

I just can't stay away from military stuff can I? I was advised to pop into Muckleburgh Military Museum and I'm so pleased I did. Possibly the best military museum I've visited. Loads of tanks, guns, medals and even an airplane for me to get my teeth stuck in to.

Then I headed to the beach where I was joined by Brendan and his gang. What a character Brendan was and he had no problem being a good sport for the camera. I even got him to sing I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minogue LOL. They couldn't stay long but it was yet another set of lovely friends I've made along the way. There really are some lovely people out there.

Unfortunately I fell asleep as soon as I got back and didn't get this blog or my video edited so both will be posted slightly late but I think the video will be well worth waiting for.

Day 16 Brancaster Great Day Detecting With A 3 Year Old

What a wonderful day! I spent from 6am-12noon uploading videos and updating my blog after the disaster of having no internet yesterday. It was about 12:30 before I reached the beach and I thought I was going to be playing catch up again until I had a delightful surprise.

A wonderful family had been waiting for me on the beach and I'm so pleased they caught up with me. Young Remi, aged 3, followed me everywhere and I had more fun listening to him and watching his facial expressions than at anytime on this trip. He was a pure delight and really made today special. 

Then I visited a church with a very special font inside dated before 1066 before getting finished at a reasonable time, catching up and finally relaxing knowing I'm fully caught up and can look forward to tomorrow completely refreshed. 

I am loving Norfolk, the hospitality and the kindness of everybody here. Bring on tomorrow!

Day 15 Hunstanton Today I Met The Mayor!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 07.20.12.png

Today was far more like it as I entered Hunstanton, my favourite place along the journey so far. Lots of history to talk about and a beautiful little place. Most seaside places are too commercialised but this added the odd gift shop and amusements arcade without going over the top.

I was fascinated by the cliffs which are said to be full of fossils, and the story of St Edmund who landed on this beach in 855AD. I then took a walk where I met the mayor and saw a military show going on. The above photo is me next to a Howitzer!

Finally I hit the beach and did some detecting with a guy called Paul Dix which was a funny name because I know another Paul Dix, the brother of Mark who let me stay in his caravan recently. Paul found much more than me and kindly donated his coins he found to the cause.

Then panic set in. I couldn't get any internet signal anywhere to upload the next video. I tried everywhere but with no luck. So no video posted on Saturday means there will be two on Sunday instead as I've finally managed to get a weak signal this morning.

Day 14 Kings Lynn Lets Go To A Castle

Relieved to be out of Boston I was determined to find a beach today. I drove straight past Kings Lynn and about 10 miles further up the coast where I knew there was somewhere to detect. Yes it was gravel instead of sand, and yes, there was nothing there but at least I'd got away from the mud.

I took a look around a nearby castle before meeting a Facebook friend Nigel and getting a coffee.  Back to Detecting beaches and chasing history....just how I like it.

Day 13 Boston Disaster Day On The Radio

Today was a day to forget about. Disaster all the way through. I spent most of the day driving around looking for a place to metal detect but soon realised that Boston simply hasn't got a coastline! It's just muddy banks everywhere and I eventually gave it up as a bad job. 

I drove back to Skegness where I gave a radio interview to BBC Radio Lincolnshire before finally getting the detector out at about 6pm. I found nothing exciting but at least I kept the adventure going by doing what I set out to do which was dig every day. I also got a mention on Kings Lynn FM radio this morning which is where I'm heading first thing in the morning. Time to get some shut eye in the car, providing this heavy rain doesn't keep me awake.

Day 12 Skegness Money! Money! Money!

A wonderful day today after a pretty disasterous one yesterday. I hadn't even left my car in the car park before Damien (the guy in the green shirt) pulled up next to me to say hello. He agreed to do a bit of detecting with me and the coins just kept rolling in. We were soon joined by Alex and Damiens son and the coins just kept coming. 

There was one point where Damien found a patch containing about 50 two pence pieces so we were starting to wonder if someone had thrown them there knowing I was due today. Either way, we ended the day with pockets full of money. Damien donated all his finds and Alex donated £10 which was really nice of them. 

We were on the hunt for a gold ring that had been lost a day or two earlier but after a few hours of trying that area of beach we gave up on treasure for one day. If I had to be picky and pick a downside to the day it would be that every single find I had was either junk or money. Nothing super exciting or unusual for me to get my teeth into.

Overall, a great day and I made some wonderful friends along the way. Tomorrow we leave the caravan I've been staying in as early as possible and head down to the Boston area. I have no idea what to expect there, where I'm detecting, if there is even an area suitable to detect or if I'll be sleeping in the car tomorrow night. One thing is for sure.....the adventure continues :-)

Day 11 Skegness Hot And Bothered.

We moan when it's cold. We moan when it's hot. Today was HOT! This was the first day I felt like I wanted a day off. Woke up very tired and with a terrible stomach from eating a curry last night. I managed to drag myself to the beach for about 7:30am and put about 4 hours in before the heat and tiredness just got to me. It was a nice little detecting session but I knew if I didn't sort myself out today I'd be even worse tomorrow. 

Took myself home, edited the video and headed out for proper food. Got a mixed grill and waded my way through half of it before dragging myself home, drinking a litre of strawberry milkshake and sat on the caravan balcony topless (which is unheard of for me)! 

Proud that I've done the right thing though and excited for tomorrow. Time for a shower and a VERY early night (about 7pm). Catch you all tomorrow people, all bright eyed and bushy tailed :-)

Don't miss tonights video from yesterday. There was a lot of fun in the fair worth watching where I won 2 goldfish that I didn't want.